Executive Wash

  • Entry level package
  • Exterior foam wash using spot free Deionized water + hand dry. Remove all water from crevices
  • Spray wax all painted surfaces to condition and protect clear coat.
  • All wheels, windows, door jambs, wheel wells, and wheels cleaned + tire dressing.
  • Full interior vacuuming including trunk space area.
  • Spot cleaning of any small interior stains.
  • Thorough wipe down of all interior surfaces (door panels, cup holders, center console, etc.)
  • Condition interior plastics. Scent of choice!
  • 2 hours Starting at $60

The Works Detail

  • Exterior wash and hand wax application of Meguiars premium blend of carnauba and polymer wax.
  • Windows, tires, wheels, door jambs cleaned.
  • Full interior vacuuming followed by Detailing and steam cleaning of all interior surfaces (dashboard, door panels, cup holders, center console, etc.)
  • Shampooing of all upholstery (seats + carpets) *IF leather seats, we clean and condition the leather*
  • 2 hours 30 minutes Starting at $250

Full Interior Detail

  • Full vacuuming of all interior + trunk space. Steam cleaning of all interior surface (door panels, dashboard, center console, cup holders, etc.)
  • All upholstery shampooed and hot water extracted. IF leather seats, we will do a deep cleaning of the leather and add a leather conditioner.
  • *also includes exterior detailed wash.
  • 3 hours Starting at $150

RV Wash

  • Scrub and Pressure wash the roof of the RV.
  • Foam wash all exterior surfaces, clean windows, wheels and add tire shine.
  • *The price for this service is $3 X the length of the RV.
  • 1 hour Call Us

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