Boat Detailing

We have been providing detailing services for speed boats, pontoons, and more for over five years. Boat cleaning and maintenance is important but tedious, which is why we are here! We offer great prices for our boat cleaning services. We pursue 100% satisfaction from our customers on every job; we guarantee it!

Ceramic Coating

We always strive to offer innovative technology and provide the best products to clean and protect your vehicles. Ceramic coatings are a relatively new technology in the detailing industry within the last few years, and we are proud to say that we are offering this new method of protection to all our valued customers. We are proudly a Ceramic Pro certified facility.

Clay Bar

Over time your vehicles paint surface begins to attract fall out, pollution, tree sap, and other harmful contaminants. These contaminants cannot be removed with a regular wash and could be harmful to your paint. Our clay bar service removes all embedded dirt and falls out, to make sure your paint is smooth and prepped for the next step.

Engine Detail

Your vehicles detail would not be complete without the engine Bay Area being detailed. We take pride in ensuring your vehicles engine Bay Area is not over looked. Our precise cleaning methods ensure a safe cleaning experience so that your engine bay can loo as clean as at the day you drove it off the lot.

Headlight Restoration

When you come to us with headlight restoration concerns, we will first assess the condition of your existing lights. We will then thoroughly wash and decontaminate headlight houses themselves, before using specialized sandpaper to completely remove any signs of oxidation and yellowing, followed by polishing to remove sanding marks and then adding our protective coating.

Hot Water Extraction

This process helps to maximize the cleaning results of your auto detailing to ensure that your vehicles carpeted surfaces and other upholstered interior surfaces come out as clean as they can. Maximum cleaning results are obtained by ensuring that the specific water temperature that we use to extract the dirt. Once the water reaches the desired temperature, the hot water extractor injects the heated water onto the surface to be cleaned. Then, the extractor immediately vacuums up the dirty water, along with the cleaning solution. This hot water extraction process removes all of the grime and most stains that are common to car interiors.

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

We offer premium leather cleaning and conditioning service. We use soft leather brushes, microfiber cloths and quality imported non-greasy leather conditioners that replace natural oils in your leather. You will be left with a soft, clean and non-greasy finish

Overspray Removal

We use the best industry practices and equipment to safely and efficiently remove paint overspray from a car’s paintwork, glass, and any non-porous trim. We are experienced at removing paint overspray, chemical and building material contaminants from car paint and trim.

Paint Correction

Is the process of removing imperfections on the paint surface such as swirls, surface scratches, oxidation, bird dropping etching, water spots, holograms and marring caused by inexperienced detailers. Done by an expert hand, paint correction restores the vehicle’s condition to a “better than brand new” status. We can safely remove oxidation (dull paint), acid rain (water spots on the paint’s surface), and surface scratches from your paint’s finish.

Paint Protection Film ( Clear Bra )

Automotive protection for your new vehicle is what we do best! From protecting your front end with our clear bra installation to keeping your paint protected for year to come with our ceramic coating (ceramic pro) packages.
Installing clear bra to your vehicle will protect it from rock chips, scratches, swirl marks, and water spots. Our team of professional and certified installers will make sure your clear bra installation is installed right the first time! Clear bra is a durable, clear film that is installed with precision so you will never notice your vehicle has a clear bra installed.

Paint Sealant

Paint sealants are liquids that contain man-made polymers, resins, and synthetics to mimic the properties of carnauba- based car waxes, but with greater longevity of protection. Many paint sealants offer easy application processes.

Pet Hair Removal

While we offer pet hair removal as an additional option, it’s most commonly billed if your vehicle has excessive dog hair buildup & the removal of which leads to longer run time for your interior detail service

Truck and RV Detailing

We detail work trucks, fleet trucks, and even semi-trucks! No matter what type of truck you own, we can provide the highest quality auto detailing and washing services in town. We also provide detailing and washing services for campers, trailers, and buses as well! We have a solid staff that is experienced and highly trained in the automotive detailing business. We work hard and diligently to produce flawless results in an efficient amount of time. Customer service is everything to us, and we are dedicated to providing 100%